Uzbekhstan/Kazahstan Virtual Trade Delegation


Uzbekhstan/Kazahstan Virtual Trade Delegation

Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (IDDMIB); has carried out Uzbekistan Kazakstan Virtual Trade Delegation which was held with the participation of 22 member companies from the Aluminum, Kitchen, Building Materials, Casting, Welding and Hardware sectors between 29 June-9 July 2020.

The information meeting has been made by participation of Tashkent Commercial Counselor,  Astana Commercial Counselor, Chairman of the Board of IDDMIB Mr. Tahsin Öztiryaki and our Board Members, participating companies and the consultant firm in the first day of delegation.

In the meeting, information was given about the delegation dates, our market shares, export data and import data of countries, meeting details and the points that companies should pay attention to.

Bilateral meetings were held on the zoom platform between 29 June-9 July 2020, for 20 minutes each. A total of 330 business interviews were held with 65 local companies.